Monday, November 22, 2010

Red Lipstick

I love red lipstick.

No, that wasn't emphatic enough. I want to bring it home to meet my parents, but mostly I want to take it out, get it a little tipsy and feel it up at a bar, then take it home, marry it and live together forever.

It's like a push up bra for your face. With one swipe you go from being ho-hum to bam! You skin looks smoother, your eyes brighter, your teeth whiter. I'm certain it's a cure all, much like classic red nail polish and perfect pair of black pumps or a black pencil skirt. It's the answer to everything, I'm sure of it.

And people will treat you differently. You'll get winked at in the post office line, your coffee paid for by the mysterious fellow ahead of you at the coffee shop. Bus seats clear. The skies open. Your luck will change, I'm serious.

I'm currently in love with the color sensation from Maybelline. Red Revival. I like the packaging, I like the texture and color, and I like that it's only $5.50 for a tube. I bought a really pretty red from lancome for $22, but it's not as perfectly pinuppy retro as this one for a quarter the price. Try it, I dare you.

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, this is a cute post. I need to find a good red lipstick for redheads, which is what my hair is. I'm curious to see is people would treat me differently like you said.