Friday, April 15, 2011

Using Fabric Neurosis

I've started collecting vintage textiles from thrift stores. Pillowcases, sheets, napkins, tea towels, scrap fabric. The problem is I think I'm slowly becoming a compulsive old-lady hoarder. Everything is too precious! What if I use it and find the perfect project for it later?

I used to just buy enough fabric for a certain project with all the matching notions and coordinating fabrics at once and then not have anything leftover. Now I find myself buying something thrifty because it's crazy, one of a kind, or real cheap yardage I know I can eventually get a use of. Is this just a different process? Or is it the sale mentality taking over the free space in my studio?

My other problem is the total inability to separate a set. If there's two pillowcases and I only need one, I can't bear to leave the other one behind. If there's a matched fitted and flat sheet, it paralyzes me to purchase half of the set and leave the mis-matched spare behind. Is that normal?

On top of that, I have a hard time harming something if it's in good condition. Bundle of 6 coordinating 1950's tea towels with the tags still on scented with cedar hope chest, slated to become pillows or aprons or totes have been relegated to the stack of things I don't dare harm but simply want to look at. Vintage slip that fits perfectly and is wonderfully detailed, previously planned to be dyed and embellished with bundles of lace gets pulled into regular rotation as an everyday underthing instead of a standout slip dress. I could go on and on.

How does one approach their hoarding mentality and get the original use out of something instead of letting it stack up around them? How do I begin to reconcile leaving behind doubles of pillowcases and sheets?

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