Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Had been reading along on Grosgrain for awhile and she posted a link to a pattern for a couple pairs of awesome bloomers she'd made to go with thrift store camis she'd picked up to sleep in. Adorable!

The pattern is from Collette Patterns, who do the most charming retro things (check them out), and their blog had this cute tutorial.

I, being the laziest seamstress ever, just picked up a 1970's pajama pattern at the thrift store for .25 cents and used the "panty" pattern from that. Once I'd taken two inches for the double elastic casing out of the unfortunately high waist, they turned out surprisingly similar. (with the added bonus of not having to print out and piece together the pdf. Lazy!)

They're super cute and comfy, with the added bonus of the elastic keeping the short where I want to, instead of unnecessarily exposing my flabby upper thigh. Wouldn't they be cute with extra ruffles on the bum? Or under a sassy little bo peep costume?

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